FAB II project


The aim of the FAB II project is to extend the existing European directory of bailiffs/enforcement authorities to cover all 28 Member States.

As mentioned in the objectives of the e-Justice 2014-2018 action plan, the European directory of bailiffs will be integrated, once consolidated, into the European Commission e-Justice portal.


What is provided by Find a Bailiff II project?

An easy to use software to create your National digital directory of Bailiffs/ enforcement authorities and easily make the necessary updates.

A connection, done by our technicians, to integrate your National digital directory to the European directory.

A technical and legal support to accompany you in the setting up of your National digital directory (criteria of geographical competency, technical constrains…)

All is free of costs – Actually, the costs related to the development of your National digital directory will be covered by the Find a Bailiff II EU project.


The two-year project, which runs from 2017-2019, will also enable the organisation of three regional conferences respectively in Bulgaria, Italy and Sweden to raise awareness among national representative of enforcement authorities on the importance to join the directory.


Interested in knowing more about Find a Bailiff II how to join the directory? Contact info@eubailiff.devprojet6.net

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