Join the directory

Why join the FAB directory?

The European Directory of Bailiffs/Enforcement authorities is a unique tool to ease the access for European citizens and legal practitioners to cross-border legal procedures. Besides helping finding a Bailiff/Enforcement authority, it also provides guidelines on how to search for the competent authority according to national laws.It also improves the visibility of the Bailiffs/Enforcement authorities and facilitates the cooperation between the Bailiffs/Enforcement authorities and the other legal practitioners at National and European levels.

To reap the full benefits of the directory, it must cover all the European Member States.  


It is very simple to integrate national data on Bailiffs/enforcement authorities in the European directory, seeing that everything is provided by the tools created by previous projects :

  • If you not already have a national directory, an easy to use software to create your National digital directory of Bailiffs/Enforcement authorities and easily make the necessary updates;
  • A connection, done by the FAB technicians, to integrate your National digital directory to the European directory;
  • A technical and legal support to accompany you in the setting up of your National digital directory (criteria of geographical competency, technical constrains…).

Moreover, the team managing the Directory will assist you along the way. For more information, please contact us