Judicial enforcement in Poland

The fundamental legal act which regulates judicial enforcement proceedings in civil matters is the Code of Civil Proceedings of 17 November 1964 (Journal of Laws, No. 43, item 296, as amended), in particular Part III of the Code entitled “Enforcement Proceedings” (articles 758-1088).Pursuant to article 758 of the C.C.P., enforcement matters belong to the competence of the district courts and the judicial officers acting thereby. Enforcement operations are carried out by the judicial officers , with the exception of operations which are reserved for the courts.
A judicial officer is a public functionary who acts by the district court.

The fundamental legal act which regulates the legal status of a judicial officer , his rights and duties, operations , rules of discipline, the rules of running a judicial officer’s office, the supervision of a judicial officer , the professional body of judicial officers and its competences is the Act of 29 August 1997 Law on Judicial Officers and Enforcement (consolidated text of J.L. of 2006, No. 167, item 1191, as amended).

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