About Fab

Who we are?

The Find a Bailiff (‘FAB’) directory was initiated under the European co-funded project “EJE” (2010-2012) and continued within the European co-funded project FAB II (2016-2018). The directory is today managed by the European Bailiffs’ Foundation (EUBF).

Formerly known as the European Chamber of Bailiffs, EUBF is a representative body of the Bailiff profession to the European institutions. It contributes to the consolidation of the European area of justice by drafting position papers, managing projects and developing tools for the benefit of bailiffs, citizens and companies.

The EUBF also contributes to the improvement of the knowledge of European law and to the sharing of good practices among judicial practitioners.


The European Directory of Bailiffs and Enforcement authorities (the ‘Find a Bailiff – FAB’ directory) is a unified single electronic directory of bailiffs covering, very soon, all the European Member States.

The FAB directory provides contact details of the competent practitioner together with information such as languages spoken and a map module displaying the location of the Bailiff/enforcement authority.

european project

More concretely,
the added-value
of the directory is:

  • Improve the visibility of the Bailiffs/Enforcement authorities of your Member State to citizens and companies;
  • Facilitate the cooperation between the Bailiffs/Enforcement authorities and other legal practitioners at National and European level;
  • Improve the access to cross-border legal procedures for European citizens.

The directory will also soon be accessible from the European e-Justice Portal under ‘Find a Bailiff’.
In addition, the directory provides data to the European Court Database for specific European regulations related to civil and commercial matters.
The European Bailiffs’ Foundation (EUBF) ensures the daily management of the FAB directory.