Le projet

Find a Bailliff II is a European funded project led by the CEHJ, in partnership with the Ministry of justice of Italy and the Bulgarian association of JEDI.

It aims at extending the directory of bailiffs/judicial officers to all the professionals of enforcement in the European Union countries: The European directory of judicial officers was indeed established as part of the EJE project (Judicial Execution in Europe) co-funded by the European Commission from June 2010 to June 2012. The European directory of Bailiffs currently includes the postal details, phone contact, and e-mail of the bailiffs in Belgium, France, Hungary, Luxembourg and Poland as well as the languages​ spoken in each bailiff office, in order to facilitate the communication.

This new project consists of three separate yet complementary components, aiming at:


  • Implementing  the technical solutions to enlarge the European directory of bailiffs/judicial officers to further partners ( Bulgarian association JEDI / Italian Ministry of justice, associated partners)
  • Raising awareness of the other national organisations of bailiffs/judicial officers and Ministries of justice concerning the European Directory of bailiffs and to convince them to get involved in the implementation of the directory.
  • Informing the bailiffs/judicial officers as well as the citizen, the firms, the banks of the partner countries of the European Directorate of bailiffs and provide guidelines on the use of the European directory.