E-note 3 – How to find a judicial officer?

Finding a competent enforcement authority

Judicial officers, in Italy, are attached to the execution and protest office of the Court “Ufficio Notificazioni Esecuzioni e Protesti” (U.N.E.P.) and are auxiliaries of the judicial order. In fact, these execution agents have jurisdictional authority to carry out the Court’s auxiliary functions. In practice, a creditor eqippped with an enforceable title and writ of execution can adress the Ufficio Notificazioni Esecuzioni e Protesti – the notification, execution and protest office, known by its abbreviation, U.N.E.P. with jurisdiction over the territory. The document is reviewed by the competent official of the Office. If it does not contain any irregularities it is delivered to the competent local judicial officer.

Selecting a competent Office/Ufficio

  • Select the country “Italy” in the EJE directory (to access, click on: http://eubailiff.devprojet6.net/eu-directory/);
  • Indicate the name of the city/zip code of the recipient’s (or debtor’s) principal residence.
  • Select a U.N.E.P. officer in the proposed list.

In practice, a territorially incompetent U.N.E.P. officer can transmit your request to a competent office.