E-note 3 - How to find a bailiff?

How to find a bailiff ?

Finding a competent enforcement authority

Both State and Private Bailiffs are competent in a specific area of the country. State Bailiffs’ jurisdiction is limited to the territory of Regional Courts (first instance courts), and for the Private Bailiffs – to the territory of District Courts (second instance courts).

    The enforcement case can be initiated with a Bailiff, with territorial jurisdiction on the place of :

    • debtors’ domicile/registered address
    • the property (movable or immovable) which is the object of enforcement
    • the movable property, to be repossessed by the creditor
    • creditor’s or debtor’s domicile, by choice of the creditor, for alimony, child support, labour and compensation of damages cases
    • execution of a certain action or the cease and desist of a certain action.

    A list of most State Bailiffs can be found on the web page of the Association of Bulgarian State Bailiffs
    A list of all Private Bailiffs can be found on the web page of the Chamber of Private Bailiffs

      Selecting a Bailiff through the online procedure

  • Select the country “Bulgaria” in the FAB directory;
  • Indicate the name of the city/zip code of the recipient’s (or debtor’s) principal residence.
  • Select a bailiff in the proposed list.

In practice, a territorially incompetent bailiff can transmit your request to a competent colleague.