Overview of the three FABII conferences

Overview of the three FABII conferences

Three conferences have been organized as part of the project Find a Bailiff 2, co-financed by the European Commission, and with the collaboration of our partners JEDI (BG) and the Ministero della Giustizia (IT).

First and foremost, the speakers present at our opening conference, in February 2017, addressed the issues of E-Justice priorities in the cross-border cooperation. This led to the topic of opportunity of European practitioner’s directories and the already existing feedbacks of users of the European Directory of Bailiffs. We had the pleasure of listening to Gösta Petri, Deputy Head of Unit “e-Justice” of the DG Justice of the European Commission as one of the opening speech of this conference.

Our first regional conference took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, in October 2017. The Conference began by highlighting the priorities of cross-border e-Justice cooperation and the importance of electronic directories while the second part of the conference was dedicated to the Regulation on the European Account Preservation Order (Regulation (EU) No 655/2014). Finally, the opportunity to use dematerialized tools for the procedure was also discussed since the efficiency of the procedure depends on fast and reliable communication channels as examined in the current project that is Me-CODEX in which the CEHJ is also part.

The regional conference of Rome, Italy, that happened in February 2018 was another success with the participation of Desislava Ahladova, Deputy Minister of Justice of Bulgaria. A presentation of the EU directory of Bailiffs/Enforcement authorities functionalities and of the several reasons to join the “Find a Bailiff II” EU project was made in the morning. The afternoon was dedicated to the e-service of documents, on the basis on the work currently performed by the European Judicial Network on Civil and Commercial matters, the Council of the European Union and the EU project Me CODEX.

The closing conference will happen on the 15th November in Brussels. It will be the opportunity to review the progress made during this project and to start thinking about the future of the directory.

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