National Procedures

Guidance on national procedures

The possibility for a citizen or an enterprise to undertake the enforcement of an enforceable title is a fundamental need for the proper functioning of the European judicial area.

More concretely, enforcement measures are intended to enable the creditor to apprehend the property constituting the assets of the debtor, when the debtor does not voluntarily comply with the enforceable title issued against him (whether it is a decision of justice, a notarial act …).

It is not easy for European companies and citizens to obtain enforcement in a Member State of a judgment, or another enforceable title, obtained in another Member State, even if its enforceability is recognized in the Member State of enforcement.

These difficulties are essentially the result of the diversity between the Member States of procedures applicable to enforcement procedures and the lack of knowledge of these procedures.

On this page, you can find information on the enforcement measures, the applicable procedural rules and the various authorities and bodies playing a role in the enforcement in different Member.